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Int’l Women’s Day: Disney Princess Edition

Happy International Women’s Day! I am SO EXCITED to write this post because it is about to include all of my absolute most favorite things: Disney princesses depicted as the badass bitches they are, female engineers, and books.

I wanted to combine one of my favorite online posts of all time, If Disney Princesses Were Engineers, created by A Hedy Journey (which you should absolutely go see in its entirety HERE), and a super fun book tag I’ve seen floating around called the New Disney Princess Book Tag, created by Mandy from Book Princess Reviews and Zuky from Book Bum.

In order to keep this post to a reasonable length and also to avoid completely plagiarizing the If Disney Pricesses Were Engineers post (seriously, click on the link and go see the whole thing), I am choosing to highlight my SIX favorite Disney princess, show which type of engineering they best embody, and share the book I feel best fits the book tag prompt assigned to them. Here we go!

All princess images and captions were taken from A Hedy Journey’s post, I am not taking credit for any of them, just want to share the brilliance!


Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) the Biomedical Engineer – after her experiences losing her tail and gaining painful new legs, Ariel developed a sympathy for prosthetics users and went on to be a Biomedical Engineer, working with robotics for amputees.

Ariel, of course, lives under the sea. Her associated book prompt is a book that has a water/ocean setting:

This is really stretching my memory here, but Olive’s Ocean by Kevin Henkes was one of my favorite childhood books about a girl who spends the summer at her grandmother’s house near the ocean and is dealing with grief of a lost classmate. I LOVED this book, and this is reminding me to pick it up again and reread it.


Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) the Computer Systems Engineer – Belle became curious about wireless communications technologies after trying to understand how the Beast’s magic mirror worked.  With Computer Systems Engineering, she discovered that there was something more than that provincial life and something even more interesting to her than reading books: coding!

Belle is the beauty with the books, prompting for a book with the best bookworm or book lover:

Annika from Tracey Garvis Graves’ The Girl He Used to Know is an extremely introverted woman whose love for books is frequently mentioned throughout this novel. Annika suffers from an autism-spectrum disorder that makes most social situations too much for her to handle, so books are her haven. I love this character and this book!


Jasmine (from Aladdin) the Aerospace Engineer – after getting a taste for experiencing A Whole New World on the magic carpet, Jasmine became determined to travel to space, studying Aerospace Engineering in preparation for becoming Agrabah’s first astronaut.

Jasmine’s promt is a book with an unlikely love story, in terms of romance OR a book you didn’t expect to love so much:

Brace yourself for this one… Flowers in the Attic is V.C. Andrews’ novel about four children who are forced to live in the attic of their grandparents’ house after their father suddenly dies and their mother is no longer financially able to support their previous living arrangements. Potential spoiler here if you are ever interested in reading this 1979 novel: the oldest brother and sister fall for each other because there is no one else to fall for as they grow up in isolation. Highly controversial, but about as unlikely as it gets!


Elsa (from Frozen) the Civil Engineer – in order to ensure that her ice sculptures, bridges and buildings were structurally sound, and that upon thawing, that they didn’t flood Arendelle, Elsa undertook studies in statics and hydrology, becoming a Civil Engineer.

Elsa’s newfound love for colder climates prompts a book in a winter/cold setting:

Dark Matter is a brain-bending science fiction novel with a pivotal scene happening in the middle of a blizzard. Sorry, that’s the closest I’ve got for this one, I admit it’s a bit of a stretch 😊


Merida (from Brave) the Electrical Engineer – whilst trying to determine exactly what wisps are made from, Merida stumbled upon Electrical Engineering and is currently doing a PhD on electronic weapons calibration.  However, she actually spends most of her time mucking around with the Van de Graff machine in her lab.

Merida determines her OWN fate, prompting for a book where there is no love story or love interest:

The Roar is a middle-grade dystopian novel about a set of twins who are separated by the government and try to fight their way back to each other in order to overthrow the forces that did this to them. No love story necessary here, just two independent siblings fighting for their family.


Mulan the Materials Engineer – Mulan’s interest in swords developed beyond swordswomanship and into steel production, leading her to study Materials Engineering in order to seek work in a foundry.  Luckily, all those years spent with Mushu the dragon meant that Mulan had developed a tolerance of being around high temperatures so she loved her new work environment.

Mulan is the princess who saved her country. Her book prompt is for the fiercest heroine:

I don’t read much fantasy (at all, really) so I don’t have any fierce, battling heroines that come to mind. But Grace from Behind Closed Doors does, as she’s fighting a different kind of battle: an oppressive husband. I don’t want to give much else away about the storyline, but I believe that this woman needed a special kind of strength just to attempt to fight her way free from this villain.

What do you think about this post? I’m not sure what exactly my goal was for putting this all together, but I hope these princesses, these engineering careers, or these books inspire you in some way or another on this International Women’s Day!

If I missed your favorite princess, please, again, take a look at the If Disney Princesses Were Engineers blog post (I linked it 3 times for ya!), and if you are interested in participating in the New Disney Princess Book Tag, I tag you to answer all 13 of the prompts on the original tag! Thanks for reading!


Author: Jordyn

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7 thoughts on “Int’l Women’s Day: Disney Princess Edition”

  1. Such a cool post!!! I’ve been wanting to try Behind Closed Doors but I’m a pretty big scaredy cat lol!! Not sure if I could handle it!


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