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Booked Solid Blog Revamp

If you are a follower of mine, you may be a little confused – what is Booked Solid and where did Jordyn Roesler go? Well, I thought I’d make a post officially announcing the launch of Booked Solid – or, rather, re-launch of my existing blog. Formerly Jordyn Roesler (, I have changed this blog’s name and domain to Booked Solid ( for a few reasons.

When I started this blog in early 2019 I really had no idea what type of content I wanted to create and how I wanted to present it. I thought that just using my name would allow me the most flexibility in figuring that all out. What I think I realized is that too much freedom can actually work against me – without a catchy blog name, it might be harder for followers to remember me and what my blog in particular is about.

Booked Solid for me means a few things – one, it is a nod to books as this is primarily a book blog. But also, it touches on the need for organization in a busy life in general, which I would like to implement more of on this blog in the new year. I’m thinking more Bullet Journal spreads, more lifestyle-type posts including DIYs and organization ideas, and more freedom to post about the things keeping me busy in my day-to-day life (like…. motherhood! Happening soon!)

I probably will be tinkering with exactly what this blog looks like in the coming weeks in preparation for a very jam-packed 2020 with lots of content that I’m really excited about. As I’m in the revamp phase, I’d LOVE input from all of you – what types of blogs do you like to look at and visit? Is it important to you that it be well-organized so that you can easily find past posts? Do you like lots of photos, colors, or other aesthetic elements? While this may not be my blog’s long-term, final form, I think it’s a step in the right direction towards a website that I am proud of and can fully express myself and all of my life’s facets.

As always, thanks for stopping by!


Author: Jordyn

Engineer | Reader | Crafter | Reality TV Lover

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